Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial Legal Practice

Grover Lewis Johnson’s corporate and commercial legal practice has over 20 years of extensive litigation and defense experience. Our top corporate attorneys specialize in insurance defense related to no-fault claims, coverage defense, and other automobile insurance claims, coverage, disputes, and policy interpretation.

First-Party Personal Injury

Grover Lewis Johnson provides exceptional first-party personal injury defense for insurance companies. Most trials result in zero-dollar verdicts. Call us today!

Third-Party Personal Injury

We understand the critical need for competent third-party personal injury defense of insured clients being sued.

Insurance Defense Attorneys

Our attorneys resolve insurance defense claims such as, corporate liability coverage reviews, construction-site injury & general commercial liability insurance.

Specialized Fraud Insurance Claims & SIU Defense

Our attorneys lead the field in investigating & defending fraudulent insurance claims. From home arson to staged accidents, we can help!

Corporate & Commercial Law

We have over 20 years of experience in corporate & commercial legal needs such as compliance, risk management, contracts & assessments.

Appellate Law Practice

Appellate law practice requires different skills than trial practice, focusing on appealing a lower court’s decision. Our seasoned team is ready to help.