Posted on 03/30/2022

How Do Medical Malpractice Attorneys Take Cases?

How Do Medical Malpractice Attorneys Take Cases?

Medical malpractice and negligence occurs far too often and in many different forms.

From misdiagnosing to prescribing the wrong prescription; from a traumatic birth to surgical errors. 

Tragically, these errors in treatment can cause detrimental injuries and in the most severe cases, can cause the loss of a loved one.

We’re going to break down what medical malpractice attorneys do, how to be awarded damages, how to know if you have a case, and finally what the next steps are.

At the end, I’ll share how to receive a free consultation with a trusted and experienced medical malpractice team.

What does a medical malpractice attorney do?

Medical malpractice attorneys represent and fight for the injured or those who have tragically lost someone due to medical negligence, aka a medical malpractice case. 

The most common types of medical malpractice include:

  • Birth injuries
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Hospital malpractice

Most medical providers, or health care entities, work diligently to provide the standard level of care for their patients. However, mistakes and haste decisions can cause a lifelong injury, or even worse, the loss of someone you love.

Although the damage is already done, you can win your lawsuit and be awarded for damages to help you and your loved one’s live your best quality of life.

How is each malpractice case reviewed?

When you meet with an attorney they will want to gather the entire story of your medical malpractice case. Bring as many documents associated with your injury as possible to your first consultation. 

This can include photos, receipts, treatment plans, office notes, prescription services, labwork, and any other medical or personal file relating to your injury.

An experienced malpractice attorney reviews each case by also assessing four different elements from your situation.

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The four factors they should be able to assess include:

  1. The facts of your case: They will need to determine the factual basis of your claim and if there was medical malpractice.
  2. The standard level of care for your case: Every medical provider must provide their patient with the standard level of care, or treatment. This means your medical provider must provide you with proper treatment that is accepted and commonly practiced everywhere in the industry.
  3. Where the negligence occurred and what should’ve been done instead: Your lawyer will need to decide what kind of malpractice your claim would fall under and what the standard level of treatment would have been for you.
  4. The injury and damages due to the negligence: They will need to assess your injury, whether it be physical, emotional or both. They will also need to determine the damages from the injury. This can include, but is not limited to, treatment or therapy required, prescription costs, medical bills, hospital bills, and much more. 

After hearing your story and reviewing all of your documents, the attorney should be able to determine the best possible outcome of your lawsuit and advise you on the next steps to take.

Once you have a case, what are the next steps?

Your attorney will then begin to build your medical malpractice case.

This includes researching, investigating, gathering and organizing evidence, and reaching out to other professionals. A thorough lawyer would reach out to another medical expert in the same field as the alleged in your lawsuit. 

This will provide the perspective of what went wrong and how there was negligence. They’ll be able to speak to how the negligence caused your injury. 

Depending on your medical malpractice case, they may need to reach out to other health professionals that would explain the proper protocol or who would provide facts for your case.

Trusted and successful attorneys, like those at Grover Lewis Johnson, will have a wide network of medical professionals that would offer their assistance in their legal battles.

Time is of the essence. 

Like any legal case, there are guidelines for when you can file your lawsuit. One of those guidelines is called the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is essentially how long you have to file your lawsuit. In Michigan, the time frame is typically within 2 years, however there are exceptions to this rule. 

It’s best to speak with a legal expert as soon as possible, so they can listen to your story, review your documents, and determine if you have a case and what your time frame looks like. 

Every medical malpractice case matters to Grover Lewis Johnson

Everyone’s personal injury claim matters. 

When medical providers neglect treatment or misdiagnose, they cause serious and irreversible injuries.

When you take your case to the court and work with an experienced malpractice attorney, you may receive compensation for the damage you’ve experienced.

They can help you receive compensation for the emotional and physical pain you endured, along with the financial costs you’ve incurred due to your injury. 

This can include hospital bills, prescriptions, office visits, medical bills, loss of wages, loss of future wages, therapy, and much more.

Any injury caused by negligence from a medical provider should be brought to justice. Don’t wait any longer to reach out to a legal expert to discuss your case.

How to get in touch for a free consultation today

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or loss, don’t wait any longer to get started on your medical malpractice case.

The attorneys at Grover Lewis Johnson have been fighting malpractice legal battles for over 25 years. Their fearless legal team fights with integrity to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. 

We understand the financial stress you are experiencing due to your injury, which is why we don’t charge our legal fee until we’ve won your case. 

We want to help alleviate the pain and suffering you’ve endured and would love to review your case over a free consultation.

Call us today and let Grover Lewis Johnson fight for you.