Posted on 08/18/2021

How to Prepare for Your Meeting With a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

How to Prepare for Your Meeting With a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Have you suffered an injury, pain, or other damages you believe are the result of doctor negligence or negligence of a healthcare provider? You may meet the requirements for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex and can be challenging for patients because of the requirement for substantial proof that a medical error or mistake actually occurred. 

This is one of the factors medical malpractice attorneys have to consider when meeting with potential clients. In addition, because medical malpractice cases can be challenging to win, attorneys have to be very selective when deciding which cases to accept and pursue. 

Being prepared for your first meeting with a medical malpractice lawyer is important for your case. Know which documents you’ll need, questions to ask before the meeting, and what this meeting will be like.  

How to Look For a Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

When looking for a medical malpractice attorney, start local. 

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First, look for attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice in your neighborhood, then take some time to review their website. A good attorney website will give you information about who they are, their area of expertise (e.g., medical malpractice), how best to connect with a member of their team. 

If you can’t find a local attorney that you like, consider reaching out to other attorneys in your state. Because state laws can vary, it’s important to work with an attorney in your home state who understands the subtleties of medical malpractice law there.

Documents Needed When Meeting a Medical Malpractice Lawyer the First Time

To get the most out of your meeting with a medical malpractice attorney, it’s important to be prepared. 

Your potential medical malpractice attorney will often make their initial assessment of your claim during the meeting, so having certain information available will help everyone understand your situation. 

Before your consultation, take some time to organize your information and documents so you can access them easily and quickly while meeting with a medical malpractice attorney. 

While every case is different, there are several common items you should bring for any medical malpractice consultation, including:

  • Your social security number and any patient ID number you may have been issued
  • Copies of any relevant files and medical records, test results, radiologist reports, x-rays, or medical notes, MRI results or reports
  • Your vaccination history
  • Medical billing and payment information and/ or health insurance statements 
  • Any communication, such as emails, letters, voicemails, notices, or text messages concerning your medical claim
  • Paystubs or proof of lost wages
  • W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement)
  • A list of the medical professionals associated with your claim, and their contact information (name, address, phone number, and job/ role)
  • If you are currently undergoing any therapies, such as physiotherapy, or are taking any medications for your condition, bring a list detailing what the therapy involves and how often you attend, and which medications you are currently taking.
  • Copies of any notices or correspondence you have received related to your medical condition

What Questions Will Your Lawyer Ask?

Your lawyer will be looking for information that helps them determine whether what you experienced meets the legal requirements for medical malpractice. 

Regardless of the particular events of your specific situation, all medical malpractice cases are required to prove the following.  

  1. You and the doctor involved in the claim had an official doctor-patient relationship
  2. The doctor acted in a way that was negligent or that the doctor’s inaction resulted in negligence
  3. You suffered an injury or harm due to the doctor’s negligence, and the injury resulted in actual damages, including financial damages

Your lawyer will have questions to help them clarify these points, including: 

  • Did you suffer an injury that was a direct result of a doctor’s actions (or inaction)?
  • What kind of damages did you suffer (e.g., medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering)?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Lawyer?

Before deciding on a lawyer and committing to having them represent you, it’s essential to gather some basic information about them. 

Some good questions to ask when meeting a medical malpractice lawyer include:

  • Do you have experience taking medical malpractice cases to trial? If so, how much?
  • Do you have any experience handling medical malpractice claims that are like mine?
  • If I decide to use your firm, who will I be working with? What’s their role? How much experience do they have?
  • How will you build my case? What resources will you use? (For example, medical expert witnesses or other medical resources?)
  • What kind of expert medical witnesses would be best for my specific case?
  • Do you continually upgrade your legal and medical education? How much continuing education do you regularly complete in these areas?
  • Am I required to pay anything upfront?
  • Do you think we will have to go to trial? Or do you think we can reach a settlement?
  • Is there a statute of limitations or a time limit to file a medical claim for my situation?
  • Can you give me an estimate of the total legal fees and expenses I will be responsible for? 
  • Do you work on a contingency basis? (This means clients pay nothing until they receive compensation from a settlement or from winning their medical malpractice claim).

Find an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

Schedule a meeting with the medical malpractice lawyers at Grover Lewis Johnson at no-cost and with no-obligation. This consultation helps us to understand your situation. 

At Grover Lewis Johnson, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay any fees until you receive compensation from a settlement or we win your case. 

If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay anything.  

We put our 25 years of medical malpractice experience to work for you because we are genuinely interested in acting in your best interest. We want you to receive the compensation you deserve. Reach out to the medical malpractice specialists at Grover Lewis Johnson today if you feel your injury or damages resulted from medical malpractice. 

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